2005 – Prayer Room

Directed by: Angus Jackson
Written by: Shan Khan
Produced by:
Production year: 2005
Original release: Edinburgh Aug 28, 2005 and Birmingham Sept 6-17, 2005.
Opening Night:
Other cast: Ashley Madekwe, Tolga Safer, William Ellis
Theatre: Birmingham Repertory Theatre

There was a place, where The Christians and The Muslims existed in relative peace. Everyone was more or less happy, except for The Jews – who were few and had to be thankful to their Christian Overlords, for the little space they were accorded. Then one day more Jews came, and it soon became apparent to them that they’d need their own space. So they got their own space – but at The Muslims’ expense. The Muslims of course are fuming.The Jews feel they’re perfectly within their rights. And The Christians are trying to take a back-seat and let the other two share the blame.